Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting

What sets us apart from other casting companies is our fine detail to finishing pieces to our clients specifications. We take finishing beyond removing mold lines. We work closely with you to ensure your pieces are finished how you like them. Additional finishes are available for an extra charge.

We specialize in thin and hard-to cast pieces that other companies do not like to do.

Items can be cast in either gold, silver, brass and bronzes. Prices for each piece are calculated by using a combined labor and metal charge depending on the gram weight of the finished piece .

Pieces weighing 20 grams and over will be charged 1/2 labor fee.

Imagery Icons reserves the right to charge a premium for any piece we feel proves to be more difficult than standard casting practices. Hard to cast pieces may require additional turnaround times.

Also, we reserve the right to charge for cancellations. We charge up to the point of cancellations for labor and reimbursement of any metals obtained at the time of cancellation..

Gold labor charges

Item weight-grams                 1-5                   6-11            12-20           21-30           30+

Less than 4 grams         $11.50/pc           $11.25         $11.00         $10.75         $10.50

4 grams – 10 grams        $3.04/gr            $3.04           $2.91            $2.74           $2.09

10grams -20 grams       $2.91/gram        $2.91           $2.74            $2.60           $2.45

Over 20 grams              $2.53/gram         $2.53          $2.40            $2.28           $2.15


Silver labor charges

Item weight-grams        0-24      25-99    100-499      500-999     1000-2499   2500-5000

Less than 1 gram      $1.96/pc    $1.96       $1.84           $1.73          $1.61          $1.50

over 1 gram               $1.20/gr     $1.20       $1.14          $1.09          $1.03        $.97         

All carats of gold, silver, brass, bronze, and yellow &  white bronze.