Rick and Jeanette are great. I have been casting with Imagery Icon for many years and I wouldn’t have been able to grow my business without them. They are always ready to help and have become an integral part of Maggie Bokor Jewelry team.

I love working with Imagery Icons! Fast, friendly service; high quality work; very responsive to our needs. The Special Forces Association relies on Rick and Jeanette for our hand-crafted jewelry needs. Highly recommend working with them. -Kris Steinbauer

Rick and Jeanette (and sometimes their daughter Kylee) have always been such a joy to work with. They are very conscientious, hard working and honest. I am a silversmith in Dallas and can have my casting done here but I would never give up my relationship with them. Their work is always good and if for some reason something isn’t up to par, they are quick to correct it or credit me. I Love working with them. They are always willing to help out on a new project for me. I have been working with them for at least 15 yrs. and this past summer had the opportunity while visiting Colorado, to visit their shop and meet some of their employees. What a joy that was. Their shop was impeccable and impressive. Their artists were lovely and talented. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing casting.

Deborah Alcala/silversmith Dallas, TX

I love the quality and consistency I receive from Imagery Icons. They work hard to get us what we need by our deadlines. -clp

Dear Jeanette,

One of the things we know when it comes to casting is that very few people know what they’re doing. I speak from experience. I tried at least 5 other casting companies and they all disappointed me because either they couldn’t cast the piece, it was too expensive, or they just did a lousy job.

Also, Imagery Icons is the only company that sends back a finished product in a time frame they committed to. In fact, I know of no other company out there that does the quality work that they do. Again, I speak from experience. All the other companies out there do terrible work, their prices don’t include polishing (making a finished product from beginning to end and ready to use without having to do more work to it.)

One time I used a company that they wanted me to polish off all the excess myself. The reason to use a casting company is to save time, I thought. If I wanted them to do that and polish it , it was outrageous in price. The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to casting is not try Imagery Icons. They’re the only ones that give you a finished product at the best prices. They do great work, have great prices and great service. I deal with them on a weekly basis. -Eileen Ramaglia – Ye Olde Silversmith